We shape our clients
and our clients shape us.

The outcome is a vibrant, symbiotic relationship that benefits us all. The fact is our client roster is no accident; it’s a matter of intention. We feel energized when we help improve energy efficiency—proudly responsible affecting an improvement in sustainability—strong and able creating work that improves another person’s health. Gaining support social causes engenders a feeling of warmth in our hearts. And connecting friends to fun and fascinating places is, well, more than fun and fascinating to us. Admittedly, that’s a lot of different feelings, but in our view there’s a simple phrase that sums it up nicely. Live better. It’s the goal of our work and the reward we receive for doing it.


We engage audiences in sustainability across a range of clients from non-profits to governments to for-profit enterprises. Really, sustainability has implications for every client. For this topic, there are many avenues to engagement. Among approaches we employ most often are these: story over stats; provide opportunity for “baby steps” to allow for “trial” of sustainable behavior; resist the temptation to use the scorched-earth threat; never miss a chance to be first; and always “norm” the desired actions to tap into the human proclivity for herd mentality.

social cause

There are more than 1.5 million non-profits in the United States. Most are worthy causes. The freshness of a creative approach and the strength of a cause’s brand are critical to breaking through the clutter. We help clients focus their mission and find the common ground they share with their current and potential constituent base. We articulate their brand promise like a beacon to elicit emotional connection and grow their tribe. Here especially, we want the audience to own the brand. We want your cause to be their cause and treasure our role in the process.


Energy and energy efficiency are big topics with global implications, but the key in communications is to bring the scale of the discussion down to the individual. We must empower the user and the decision maker to see what’s in it for them and the win-win in every appeal – whether it’s a matter of new technologies (cutting edge sex appeal), commercial efficiency (competitive advantage) residential savings (the household budget) or safety (well, life and death). There’s a branding opportunity as well in taking a spot on the customer’s side of the table.


Now for the fun part. We’ve worked with upscale hotels, restaurants and various regional attractions. The key in all cases is to bring the personality of the place forward. People have a lot of choices for their time and money. They want to visit, stay with or eat at places with which they have a value-set connection while still providing an enjoyable bit of respite. The food may be organic, the building practices green and the mission rooted in animal welfare, education or literacy, but girls and boys still want to have fun. We love when it all intersects.


For us “health” means both public health and health care. There are audiences that disproportionately use the health care system and others that are disproportionately affected by public health issues. We understand the unique differences and rely on our sensibilities and many years’ experience to create audience-specific and culturally competent messaging depending on the situation at hand. No matter which client we serve or audience we reach, in the end, we’re gratified to know our efforts are held together under the umbrella of common good.