It takes a village.

We agree, it takes a village. In our case it’s a village of young warriors, wise elders and ranks of talented folks in between. Total population: 29, plus or minus. Our town square is called the Craniak Lounge and we hope to see you there sometime soon.

  • 3 Briana Romancier, Designer/Brand Manager
  • 4 Chapin Hemmingway, Visual Content Producer
  • 2 Erin McGuire, Senior Graphic Designer
  • 4 Jacqueline Eldin, Operations Assistant
  • 0 James Wilson, Junior Graphic Designer
  • 6 Jeanie Coates, Founder & CEO
  • 5 Kellie O’Rourke Office Manager
  • 6 Kevin Glenn, Senior PR Account Manager
  • 4 Lance Heisler, Senior PR Account Manager
  • 1 Lindsay Frank, Vice President of Operations
  • 1 Maureen Bernadelli-Suter, Media Director
  • 2 Meghan Burke, Media Director
  • 1 Mike Sheen, Vice President & Creative Director
  • 3 Shelby Oppel Wood, Senior Writer
  • 13 Steve Kokes, President & Strategic Director
  • 1 Sue Van Brocklin, PR Director
  • 5 Tim Jacks, Videographer/Editor
Alex Nelson, Media Planner and Data Analyst

Bark! Bark! Alex loves his two dogs as much as he loves media planning. His knowledge of digital analytics is vast – just like the 1000-acre dog park he takes his pups to play. Alex has a knack for making sense of numbers and remembering even the smallest details. A Portland native, he left to study at UC Berkeley, but couldn’t stay away from the PNW and transferred back home to the U of O. As a computer whiz, he enjoys collecting parts, hardware, and building machines from scratch. Once a week, you’ll find him on the baseball diamond hitting home runs with his Dad.

Anri Sugitani, Senior Account Manager

Anri Sugitani, a.k.a. our Miss World. You see, Anri is of two nationalities and has moved every three years of her life. Due to her diverse upbringing, Anri loves to travel and eat; her personal rule is that she must try food twice before making a judgment. Her ad career began in L.A., with clients like Wonka, Raisinets, and Butterfinger. At CK, she manages accounts focused on healthy living—yes, she’s aware of the irony. As a senior account manager, Anri always keeps her clients’ work moving forward in an on-strategy, on-time, on-budget sort of way. Between on-s, Anri is usually on a mission to find Portland’s best fried chicken and sushi.

Briana Romancier, Designer/Brand Manager

Design is bigger than creating an ad campaign or what Bri calls the “business card basics.” Her approach to branding and design emphasizes how people interact with a company, space, product or idea, whether that’s a guest’s check-in experience at a luxe hotel or a brewmaster pulling a pint at a coastal pub. She enjoys helping clients discover their brand identity and overseeing the pieces that contribute to it. It’s a colorful job description, which is funny because most days you’ll find her wearing black, gray or white, a monochromatic wardrobe for someone who shines so bright. On the weekends, Bri’s a thrift-shop fashionista who you’ll find perusing the racks, searching for a cute romper or overcoat to breathe new life into, just like the brands she helps refresh.

Chapin Hemmingway, Visual Content Producer

A question often heard around Coates Kokes: Where’s Chapin? Likely answer: Almost anywhere. As director, producer, and shooter for most all CK video productions, Chapin travels the Northwest capturing the assets we need to produce some pretty cool television commercials and web videos for our clients. When he’s got what he needs, Chapin returns to the darkness of the CK editing suite to coerce all his captive pixels into performing on command. Then, next thing you know, Chapin is on the road again. Hope he says hi to Willie for us.

Christina Bertalot, Account Supervisor

Account Supervisor is just one of Christina’s many titles. She’s a Master Juggler, Chief Organizer, and her favorite, Mom. Over the years, Christina has managed accounts for several clients with intricate structures and complex communications needs. She always manages to tame the many moving parts and help clients meet their communications goals. Success is certain with Christina, because she’s gets everyone and everything moving in the same direction, whether it’s managing a digital campaign for a company of 4,000 or getting dinner on the table for her family of four. And she doesn’t stop there. Christina spends her free time volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank, teaching families how to cook nutritious, affordable meals, because she happiest when she’s helping others.

Erin McGuire, Senior Graphic Designer

Type this: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” There’s an excellent chance Erin can look at your sentence and immediately name the font you chose. Shout out PMS 316, and she can tell you what color that is. She can even explain the difference between ppi and dpi and that can be a tough one. Erin is always working hard to keep her designs innovative and fresh, and when she’s not in the office she enjoys applying these same sensibilities to her so-called “cooking experiments.” Yum! Yum?

Jacqueline Eldin, Operations Assistant

Meet Jacqueline…pronounced with a “zshhhh” on the front and an “eeen” at the back.  Not clear? Just pretend you’re speaking French and you’ll have it right. As Operations Assistant, Jacqueline’s primary role is to be Lindsay’s right hand. That puts Jacqueline smack dab in the middle of payables, receivables, billing, insurance, staff training and solving mysteries—plus anything else Lindsay can dish up. And there is a lot to dish. Jacqueline was born in New York City and grew up in Los Angeles right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. As it turns out, Jaqueline isn’t French at all.

James Wilson, Junior Graphic Designer

If pictures are worth a thousand words—and graphic designs are visual narratives, then James is quite the storyteller. An alumni of Portland State’s art and design school, James specializes in branding, photography, and UX/UI design. His portfolio is often inspired by nature, retro video games (esp. Super Nintendo), and queer pop culture. Whether he’s inspiring students on creative projects, or connecting marginalized communities with pro bono designers, James is all about using his imagination to support causes he believes in. These talents make him an amazing asset to CK’s team. Outside work, he enjoys sampling Portland microbrews, exploring outdoors, and hanging with friends.

Jeanie Coates, Founder & CEO

As CEO, Jeanie is responsible for overall guidance of the agency. Her collaborative nature typically brings others into the decision making process—a key factor in why Coates Kokes is known for its highly positive and inclusive culture. Jeanie’s career path began in Portland in the seventies and then looped through the eye-opening San Francisco ad scene before reconnecting to Portland reality. Along the way Jeanie picked up a keen taste for all things high design and a killer recipe for sourdough bread.

Kellie O’Rourke Office Manager

Originally from Georgia, our peach of a receptionist comes to us by way of California where the daily sunshine grew a bit boring for her taste. “Weather, I need some weather!” she thought, and up to the Oregon rain she came. As CK Office Manager, Kellie is part of our 3-person admin team keeping order in kitchen and all around world headquarters. Whether we need something cleaned, copied, filled, filed, ordered or returned, we know we can all count on Kellie to make it happen. Off campus, Kellie is currently working on developing her quilting skills—blue is her favorite color.

Kevin Glenn, Senior PR Account Manager

After earning a degree in Journalism from the “O” down in Eugene, Kevin immediately went on to another esteemed “O” as a press assistant to the Obama for America campaign. Then it was on to Netflix (he says he’s seen everything worth watching… and plenty of things that weren’t), before making his way back to the greenery of his native Oregon and the Senior Account Manager position at CK. “I like advocating for things I believe in,” says Kevin. And here our “Good is Contagious” cadre of clients allows him to do just that.

Lance Heisler, Senior PR Account Manager

Lance gives “The Most Interesting Man in the World” some stiff competition. It’s not unusual to find him sporting a bowtie, wielding a mystery novel in one hand, and ping pong paddle in the other. His favorite foods are tapas—don’t act surprised if he orders them in Spanish. His approach to PR is refined (like a Manhattan—his favorite drink) and precise (like his billiards shot). He first learned to “bring home the bacon” from his pig farming days. A self-proclaimed “coffee slinger”, he always knows how to handle the scoop—whether it’s coffee beans or in media relations.

Lindsay Frank, Vice President of Operations

As Veep of Ops, Lindsay’s in charge of anything that can possibly go wrong. The way one gets named to such a high-ranking position is to know something about everything by way of starting at the front desk and working your way through every single department in the agency. And that’s exactly what Lindsay did beginning back near the early dawn of CK history. Now we trust her so much, we let her manage the money too. Lindsay is downright excellent with a calculator.

Madeline Luce PR/Advertising Account Manager

When it comes to the best indie theaters, food trucks, or hole-in-the-wall restaurants—Madeline’s left no stone unturned. Her encyclopedic knowledge of Portland is bountiful, just like her vocabulary. A true wordsmith, even the most daunting Scrabble tiles are no challenge for her. But selecting her favorite novel? She’s got too many! A dynamic writer, editor and organizer, Madeline’s an all-star in advertising and PR account management. An avid explorer of Oregon’s natural wonders, try asking her favorite camping spots (maybe she’ll tell you!).

Maureen Bernadelli-Suter, Media Director

Although Maureen is one of our two agency media directors, she is the only one with a hyphenated last name. As such, she’s double good at planning, placing, and post-buy evaluating media for our clients. Maureen is excellent with numbers preceded by dollar signs and exceptional at delving into the aspects of one of our favorite media terms: “psychographics.” Simply put, she gets inside the consumer’s head. When not performing media brain surgery here at CK, Maureen runs an urgent-care media business on the side.

Meghan Burke, Media Director

As one half of our media powerhouse, Meghan is fully fluent in both traditional and digital media. So whether your ad should appear in a magazine or on one of today’s umpteen different screens, Meghan will get it all figured out. Media maven title aside, Meghan is best known as the CK mother of “Bring Your Dog to Work Day,” an annual event involving Bantry, Barkley, Belle, Roger and Pork Chop turned Petunia. All woofers receive a special award and a canine cookie made from Meghan’s secret recipe.

Mike Sheen, Vice President & Creative Director

As creative director, Mike is responsible for ensuring our creative product gets noticed and warmly embraced. His career path includes stops in big-time cities at big-name agencies where he worked on big-name brands. Eventually, Mike saw the light and gave it all up for a saner existence here in Portlandia. Over the years Mike has collected a wall full of impressive creative awards which he keeps buried under a pile of underwear in his basement-housed trunk. Mike is a humble guy.

Shelby Oppel Wood, Senior Writer

Before joining CK, Shelby spent 15 years sharpening her writing and analytical skills as a reporter for The Oregonian and the Tampa Bay Times. Now she helps CK clients with storytelling, content creation and working effectively with journalists. From conceiving creative campaigns, to scripting videos and websites, to advising leaders on corporate communications — Shelby understands how to connect with an audience quickly and persuasively. Southern by birth and Northwestern by choice, Shelby remains skeptical about Portland barbecue but is enamored of the city’s running trails, bookstores and you-be-you attitude. Look for her on weekends at a local 10K race, an author’s reading or a concert, getting her live-music fix.

Sierra Durfee, Social Media Community Manager

Sierra comes to us from Nike’s social media department. As you might imagine, she arrived with quick-on-her-feet, high performance capability. Here at CK, Sierra is running social media programs for a range of CK clients sporting one key thing in common: the desire to shape social conversations in hopes of creating better communities for us all. That requires monitoring, responding, plus always being on the lookout for meaningful content that can help facilitate the conversation. Sierra holds a degree in Speech Communications from Oregon State University and is our only employee who can go three months without ever wearing the same pair of shoes.


Steve Kokes, President & Strategic Director

As president and strategic director, Steve leads the collective client-agency team effort to unearth the most salient strategies for clients with both cause-oriented and business objectives. Steve’s career path first began with deep-dive stops at notable S.F. and L.A. agencies. Lured home to Duck-land in 1992 (Steve is a boastfully proud UO Journalism graduate), Steve has ever since been artfully demonstrating his Mad Men strategic abilities here in the Northwest.

Sue Van Brocklin, PR Director

Sue leads the agency’s PR team, including media relations, writing of all types and sponsored content creation. She’s also a seasoned pro in crisis communications and reputation management. Her career has been an impressive journey through the halls of PR firms and local/national government. When it comes to PR, Sue can handle it all. When she’s not speaking with reporters or advising clients, she enjoys spending time with her three daughters and husband. She can be spotted exploring the city’s natural areas and viewing urban wildlife, excitedly sending candid photos of racoons, beavers and deer to friends. Who knew there were so many owls in Portland? Sue did.

Temple Naylor, Web Developer

What do boxing, surfing, and coding have in common? Still thinking? Ask Templehe’ll quickly tell you each of these activities require extreme focus and determination. Naturally drawn to hobbies such as these, Temple is all about taking on challenges and pushing himself. As a CK Web Developer, he is driven by creating digital stories which communicate brand messaging. It helps that he’s also a quick study and a computer whiz (he taught himself how to code!). Originally from Fort Bragg (a small beach town in Northern California), he is proud to call Portland home and to be on the CK team.

Tim Jacks, Videographer/Editor

Tim was born with two passions: Cycling and video production. Soon after he was tall enough to reach the pedals and lucky enough to own a video camera, Tim and two buddies combined these passions to create “Ride the Battle,” a web documentary series highlighting interviews with cancer patients and survivors they met on a 4,800-mile bike ride across America. Today, Tim’s ride is a short three miles as he comes to work each day, but he’s still bringing with him that inborn love for video storytelling and employing his talents for our clients both behind the camera and in front of the editing screen.

Tony Vanderzanden, Digital Strategist

Tony is a former musician turned developer magician. Though he can still knock out a pretty mean guitar, these days Tony’s work is all about helping us orchestrate an amazing digital strategy for our CK clients. Get it right and POOF!… just the right message magically appears at just the right time at just the right place—a digital screen gazing back into the eyes of a wanting audience. In 2006 B.K. (before kids), Tony and his wife spent a year travelling the world. Now their travels are closer to home helping two young daughters navigate the alphabet and master the art of forming the perfect Z.