Our toolkit

Coates Kokes is a full service agency. But of course, so is everyone else. So what do we mean when we say that? We mean that we have a broad array of tools we bring to bear for all of our clients, but that we do that in a very tailored way. Every client is unique. Maybe your training video shouldn’t go viral. Maybe you do need those TV spots. Maybe not. We consider each case thoughtfully and create a strategy to best leverage the client’s resources.

Research - quantitative and qualitative Brand positioning Marketing plan development Transmedia campaign planning Analytics

Media relations Speaker training Event coordination Crisis management Grassroots and sponsorships

Digital and traditional planning and buying SEM Specialty/environmental media Branded content and advertorials Campaign optimization and analysis

Brand development Advertising Video and audio production Graphic design Copywriting Infographics and data visualization Photography

Mobile-first web development SEO UI/UX E-commerce implementation Community management Content development Influencer outreach/management Partner network coordination

B Corp Logo

Coates Kokes is proud to be a B corp. In fact, we’ve been pushing for positive and environmental change long before there was a name for it. It’s not a new page on the website or a new cubicle at the end of the hall. It’s integrated. You can’t point to the eggs in a finished cake; they’re simply a part of what makes the cake, cake.

Good partners

For decades now, Coates Kokes has sought out people in businesses who have made it their mission to heal, to help, to bring people together, and to build. There’s a spirit here, ready to rally behind a great idea or great cause. So we have partnered with people who work on those causes. And we’ve found it easy to work hard for them.

Long arms

Coates Kokes is proud to be the exclusive Oregon member of the MAGNET Marketing and Advertising Global Network. Via our affiliates, we are able to reach across North America and around the world to help our clients wherever a need arises.