What makes us tick

It’s quite simple really. We feel energized and gratified by the type of work we get to do. We’re not just communicators—it’s so much deeper than that. Employing each of our unique talents, we are storytellers and movement builders. We are change agents, reframers and advocates. And continually proud of the impact we make. Learn more about what drives us in our staff-written blogs.

Portland Sustainability Institute joins the conversation on OPB’s Think Out Loud

Rob Bennett, Executive director of the Portland Sustainability Institute, and John Knott, CEO of the Noisette Company in South Carolina fresh from the second annual EcoDistricts Summit engaged OPB’s Read More

What Do You Put On Your Lawn?

Happy Earth Day, Earth!

You didn’t think this editorial staff would let Earth Day go by without a post did you? Well, it was decided that we’d bring a smorgasbord of nature-friendly, goodness to our readers.

A New Place to Scrape Your Plate

Sue and Kate on the PR team helped coordinate the Portland Composts! pilot media event Wednesday and all four TV stations showed up. Four neighborhoods, or about 2000 homes, were selected to participate in the initial program before introducing the food scraps composting to the entire city in 2011. Here’s some exclusive CK camera footage of the event.

Behind the Scenes

No spoiler alert here. Just a behind-the-scenes preview of a soon-to-air :30 second tv spot for Metro’s Recycling Hotline. Without giving away the concept, the spot is another in-house production with the help of producer, Katey Carson. In-house director, Sam Lienen was especially excited to finally get his eye behind a Red camera.

Coates Kokes Helps to Standardize Sustainability on College Campuses

Everybody from the Princeton Review to the Sierra Club is rating colleges and universities on their own “green index.” But what’s been needed is a common standard rating system open to all college and university campuses in the US and Canada from community colleges to research institutions that is comprehensive and transparent.