The third annual CK 100-Mile Potluck is almost here. A reminder about how it works and what’s at stake:

Everyone who wants to participate should plan on bringing something ready to be consumed by 4 p.m. on Thursday, October 8th. Prizes will be awarded in the following three categories: 1) most local ingredients (within 100 miles), 2) best tasting and 3) best presentation.

Pick up an official ingredient list document during the week of October 5th to record where your ingredients came from. This will be the deciding factor for the “Most Local Ingredients” prize winner. For the other two categories, each employee of the agency is a judge and will vote for his or her favorite. Each entry must contain a minimum of one local ingredient.

Prizes will be awarded the following Friday@4. Good luck!

Official rules and regulations vary from office to office and desk to desk. Employees, family, friends, neighbors, pets and ghostly counterparts from other agencies are not eligible. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary (though having someone else buy your ingredients makes you weak). All inquiries should be submitted to the Committee for Potlucks of the 100 Mile Variety by mail in a self-sealing, airtight, wood-textured aluminum envelope to 34 NW First Avenue, Suite 300 Portland Oregon 97209.