Lance Heisler

Our creative team was recently recognized for its integrated marketing and communications work with the Oregon Zoo.

The Zoo received the 2012 Marketing Excellence Award presented by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) for the advertising campaign we created to celebrate 50 years of Packy the elephant. You may recall seeing the ads around town depicting a baby Packy alongside his mother back in 1962.

As part of the campaign, we developed the event logo, television spots, print materials, outdoor advertising, a web video and a PowerPoint presentation. We strove to capture the feeling of the times 50 years ago and to reawaken the public to the significance of this playful pachyderm during the time.

Of course we like to give credit where it’s due and we couldn’t have achieved such a wonderful accomplishment if it weren’t for our loving little elephant and the incredible work the Oregon Zoo has done to bring national recognition to its conservation, education and animal welfare efforts.

The Oregon Zoo has become one of the most recognized zoos in North America, creating a happy, safe and inviting habitat for exotic animals from around the world.

Here’s to you Packy! We hope baby Lily can follow in your footsteps, though they’re quite large.