Kevin Glenn

She did it.Hillary

And we did it.

With Tuesday’s historic vote, America fulfilled one of its original promises. Since the founding of the country, we’ve hoped to hold this truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Now, to paraphrase Lin-Manuel Miranda, we can include women in the sequel.

Women fought for 144 years to be enfranchised with the vote and for the promise of the American Revolution to be fulfilled. Another 96 years had to go by before a woman would be elected president.

But change can happen slowly and then all at once. A woman president. A black president. Marriage equality. Women in combat. Even 12 years ago these events seemed unlikely to happen for decades. Now they’re the new normal.

Eight years ago, we watched as America’s former First Lady put 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in the world. Now that glass ceiling is gone, and we’re all better for it.

This milestone is good for women, and for men. We’re all more able to contribute our unique gifts when we’re free from the false expectations that stereotypical roles force us to play.

This was a tough election. It’s clear that there are many issues that divide us. You could understandably be concerned that a sizable minority currently holds views that were once considered left firmly in our past.

But I choose to have a different takeaway. In an era of falling barriers, we just removed one of the biggest. In the aftermath, let’s not find new ways to divide ourselves. Let’s come together. As our president-elect has said, America builds bridges, not walls.

There are a lot of issues we’ll need to address over the next four years. Who knows, if we take a deep breath, we might even agree on how to solve some of them. Either way, let’s agree to keep breaking barriers. Indivisibly, we can keep moving forward, with liberty and justice for all.