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Coming Together for Better

macys #2
Author Christina Bertalot

What does it mean to “Live Better?” For some people, it may mean cutting back on calories (goodbye, Christmas cookies!) and getting a little more physical activity. To others it could mean working a little less and spending a little more time with loved ones. Or possibly cutting back on a bad habit that prevents us from being our best selves.

But for the immigrants and refugees from war-torn countries, the notion of Live Better has a far […]

CK Discovers New Use for Static Cling

A new OR law requires landlords to disclose the smoking policy of their buildings to tenants as smoking with the shared ventilation systems of apartments is often a problem for renters. So with limited budget and a very targeted audience, we had a media challenge on our hands. How do we reach apartment dwellers without spending money talking to those who live in single […]

Public Involvement through Social Media

Our clients at the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning & Sustainability came to us for help in shaping a city planning process that is anything but typical. For starters, the Portland Plan is a once in 30-year plan that will set the course for investment in Portland for the next three decades. In addition the City truly wants as much community input as possible, reaching beyond the “usual suspects.” […]

Granny Franny is named Portland’s next top model

Last week the postcard we created for the Portland Plan hit mailboxes around the city—now our model is famous…or at least The Oregonian says so. Reporter Anne Saker calls Mary Frances “Portland’s next top model.” We agree.  Check out the great coverage.

Granny transformation

The CK crew went to photograph our client’s grandmother for a citywide postcard. She was most likely the nicest grandmother you’ll ever meet, but our task was to make her as angry as possible. Check out the transformation.


Sustaining Our Sustainability Wins

Prevailing over some worthy opponents, we’ve joined forces with Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to help them help everyone to help Portland. It’s called the Portland Plan. The old one isn’t just past its prime, it’s expired. So time […]