Christina Bertalot

Not every city can say that they are home to a 12,500-pound celebrity, but Portland sure can! Packy, the big guy, is a household name around these parts. He also shares a birthday with our account manager for the Oregon Zoo, Christina – so it goes without saying we’re pretty excited  to see the progress being made on his new home, Elephant Lands! (click the image below to visit the site)

red sign

The new and improved elephant habitat will expand over a 6.25 acre area, and will feature a 160,000 gallon pool, mud wallows, and elephant operated feeding stations and showers that will encourage the elephants to stay active and healthy. Not to mention, 15,000 cubic yards of sand in the habitat will feel nice and soft between their heavy toes.

Of course, a project this big can’t be completed overnight. While the Oregon Zoo continues to make progress on the space, we’re starting to roll out an Elephant Lands advertising campaign. You may have noticed the MAX train rolling around town featuring Portland-specific size comparisons to give you an idea of just how huge the habitat really is. (2.5 million cups of coffee could fill the pool!)


Keep an eye out for outdoor ads around the city and print ads in local publications this summer and fall.

Coates Kokes’ commitment to living better includes visiting destinations that are exciting, educational and fun, like the Oregon Zoo. Elephant Lands is set to be completed this fall but stop by the zoo to say “Hi” to Packy and check out the progress this summer. This is going to be huge.