The smokefree workplace law has been in effect for over a year.  Oregonians can no longer smoke in restaurants, bars or bingo halls. Can you smell the fresh air?  With that law in place, the State’s Tobacco Prevention and Education program is looking to tackle the next frontier of smokefree spaces—multi-family dwellings, also known as apartment complexes.  To help tenants and Oregonians learn about the new law Coates Kokes concentrated our media planning in two channels: laundromat advertising and a cable television buy.

The laundromat advertising is geared directly to tenants; after all, most homeowners don’t use laundromats.  The second channel, a statewide cable television buy included a :30 spot showing the effects of cigarette smoke in apartments.  The buy also included a Spanish-language version which ran on Telemundo and Univision to help capture an audience that may not have otherwise seen the spot.