You didn’t think this editorial staff would let Earth Day go by without a post did you? Well, it was decided that we’d bring a smorgasbord of nature-friendly, goodness to our readers.

First off: Coates Kokes is now Recycle at Work Certified. If you’ve ever visited CK HQ, you may have noticed the many sorting bins we have for recycling. Paper’s the obvious one, but we’ve been recycling ink cartridges, CDs and cases, plastics, VHS tapes (what’s a VCR?), and more. Now thanks to Karen’s efforts, we’ve not only redoubled our efforts but are getting recognized for it. Thanks, Karen! And yes, that’s eight buckets for sorting.

Second: We have many clients that do right by the Earth. Metro’s recycling hotline comes to mind. The helpful, friendly experts on the other end of the line really know their stuff. Give ’em a buzz at 503-234-3000. Other clients deserving an Earth Day shout-out: BetterBricks, Avista, City of Portland, Hartmann & Forbes and Clean Rivers and Streams.