Christina Bertalot

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. Really, every two seconds. Most of us probably take for granted that the blood will be there, waiting for transfusion, if and when we or a loved one need it. But there’s no guarantee of that… unless we all do our part to contribute to the local and national supply.

Yesterday Coates Kokes teamed up with the American Red Cross to sponsor our own blood drive. Although this was the first time CK officially partnered with this organization, this was not the first time many of our CK staff participated in a blood drive.

christina_blood driveI, for one, am an avid donor. My O negative blood type puts me in a particularly unique opportunity to help. Often called “universal,” O negative blood cells can be transfused to almost any patient in need and are especially desired for babies, kids and other immune-deficient patients.






For many people, their fear of needles Lindsay_volunteer_blood drive 3is what keeps them from donating blood. And in the case of CK’s drive, we had additional ways people could participate –by baking cookies or helping at the registration table.





We even offered free pints of Pelican Brewing Company beer as a carrot for anyone that participated.

I by no means am a fan of needles. But the personal empowerment I feel knowing that I am helping others in need, is well worth the few seconds of potential discomfort I feel from those pesky pokes.

In five short hours, our drive collected 30 units of blood. This was a great feat for us, as we beat our own goal by two units. These donations, and others like them, are a small step in helping meet the approximate 36,000 units of blood that are needed across the U.S. each day.

_MG_8470If you are interested in joining our efforts and donating blood, visit to find a donation appointment time near you. Or simply check back with us in the fall when we host our next blood drive.