Christina Bertalot

For years now we’ve helped Avista get the word out about energy efficiency and the programs and incentives they offer. We’ve engaged the likes of general homeowners, low-income customers and business customers, to name a few.

But we’ve never been asked to focus on renters. And even more specifically—college renters. Avista wanted to create a campaign within Every Little Bit that would reach college renters (and eventually general renters) and help those students realize the value of energy efficient behavior and choices.

Why turn our attention to college renters? Avista put it best, “As emerging customers, college students play an important role in shaping our energy future. Their commitment to energy efficiency can create lifelong practices that decrease the demand for resources.”

So what’d we do? On October 1, we launched a multi-facetted integrated experience across multiple platforms to engage our target audience and enrich the practice of saving energy. In other words, we created the line, “Don’t be a powermonger.” as both a call to action and a consistent campaign theme. Then we created a “Powermonger Awareness Kit” that students could order online either through Facebook or from Inside the kit are fun, informative posters, checklists, brochures, a shirt and more. After completing the included energy-saving checklist, students were encouraged to take a short survey online (letting us track results and receive feedback). Additionally, we created a short, entertaining three-minute video to help demonstrate and reinforce energy-saving habits.

Given the “soft-launch” nature of this effort, the client considers it a success. In fact, it alone has created a lot of internal buzz at Avista. In the near future, not only will additional materials be created for the college audience, but plans are now underway to develop new spinoff pieces and kits to reach general renters.