Between the economy and harsh Northwest winters, more and more people have difficulty making even basic ends meet. One of those basic needs is energy— to heat homes and water, power lights and cook food. Our client Avista has many programs, as well as connections through other programs, to tailor bills to individual customer needs and provide assistance when necessary. Avista came to us to create a central place to promote all of these resources. The difficulty with using (their main website) to promote specific billing and rate information is that the site serves multiple functions and contains so much content that information can sometimes be hard to find. The solution was to create a microsite with easy-access and helpful information for customers. The new site emulates the established corporate look and design standards, allows them to house comprehensive and informative videos, includes information and links to additional resources, and is easily updateable as needed for this ever-evolving subject. More importantly, the site is user-friendly and approachable. Take a moment to check it out. 

Below is the before shot: