Put Your Trunks In The Air For Elephant Lands!

Elephant Lands max wrap
Author Christina Bertalot

Not every city can say that they are home to a 12,500-pound celebrity, but Portland sure can! Packy, the big guy, is a household name around these parts. He also shares a birthday with our account manager for the Oregon Zoo, Christina – so it goes without saying we’re pretty excited  to see the progress being made on his new home, Elephant Lands! (click the image below to […]

10 Places to Use Your Go Box Downtown
(Plus – What’s a Go Box?!)

Author Lauren Caster

At Coates Kokes, we’re passionate about sustainability. We also love to embrace the spirit and culture that is Portland, so the decision to participate in Go Box was a no brainer! What is Go Box you ask? It’s a sustainable way to take advantage of Portland’s downtown food scene. Participants are given tokens which are exchanged for a reusable container at food carts and restaurants. Empty containers are then returned to Go […]

The Power of Water

Author Dave Santen

Viewers of Sunday’s 87th Academy Awards were treated to a spectacle of dazzle, drama and power straight out of the Pacific Northwest.

We’re speaking, of course, of the Coates Kokes-produced TV spot for CleanHydro, which debuted during the ceremony.*

“Snow Melts” is the latest in a series of four commercials for our client Northwest RiverPartners that tell the story of hydro by highlighting the power of water.

This great renewable resource provides affordable, clean electricity to […]

Speaking From The Heart

fruit basket
Author Sue Van Brocklin

“It was with you the first time you blew out your candles. It was definitely there for your first slow dance. It’s been given away and it’s been stolen too many times to count. It’s even been broken a time or two….”

As you can tell, we’re talking about your heart. Timed for February, National Heart Month, and the heart-filled celebration of Valentine’s Day, these Adventist Health radio spots are bringing attention to […]

No Joy in Duckville

Author Jeanie Coates

Look how happy we all look.

This is a picture of hope and joy; anticipation and want. Sadly, it is also a picture of bragging rights never earned or realized.

Nearly half our CK team identifies themselves as a UO Duck. Many went there. Some have kids or spouses who went there. Others simply have friends who went there. But all these proud hopefuls showed up to […]

The Dirty Secret

Author Jeanie Coates

But if no one knows the secret, then no one gets hurt…right? Wrong.

Believe it or not, every night hundreds of babies in our community go to bed wearing a pre-used diaper. Really, pre-used. This isn’t because their parents are stupid or love their children any less. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. These parents care deeply about their children’s well-being and know that simply providing nutritious food should […]