Not quite ready for my closeup.

Chapin Hemmingway

In 2016, Coates Kokes helped the Oregon Health Authority launch a marijuana youth prevention campaign.  The research indicated teens wished to hear from adults who had used marijuana in the past.  We conceived of a video to test in focus groups that featured a former pot smoker who questioned his marijuana use as a teenager.

I offered to take on the role of our fictional pothead.   Read more…

In disaster relief, peoples’ goodwill gains traction

Frasier Petersen

In light of recent tragedies, I’ve been reflecting on the role social media has taken in the aftermath of disasters. The responses to the hurricanes in the Southeast and the earthquakes south of Read more…

From EPIC fail, to a win.

Sierra Durfee

If you’ve ever participated in a team relay, you know what a labor of love it can be. There are 12 runners to a team, 6 in each van and you are coordinating from van to van to pass the “baton” off to the next runner at each exchange point. Each van has to account for food, water, flashlights, sleeping arrangements and most importantly, support for your runners. Each team is running continuously for nearly 2 days Read more…

Examining our views

Madeline Luce

There’s no doubt about it – the Coates Kokes office is beautiful. We moved into the Commonwealth Building in downtown Portland in 2011 (before my time here), onto the “unlucky” 13th floor. Superstitions aside, we have whiteboard walls, a fridge stocked with sparking water, a stunning, in my opinion, a 360-degree view of Portland – stretching from OHSU to the Fremont Bridge.

Starting in April, or whenever the rainclouds leave town and the temperature breaks 60 Read more…

Finding the courage to dance

Lance Heisler

In the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Justin Torres for The Washington Post wrote “In praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club,” a tribute I shared among friends, many who identify with a letter in the LGBTQAlphabet, and many who don’t. The outpouring of support and the Read more…

Give Better.

Christina Bertalot

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. Really, every two seconds. Most of us probably take for granted that the blood will be there, waiting for transfusion, if and when we or a loved one need it. But there’s no guarantee of that… unless we all do our part to contribute to the local and national supply.

Yesterday Coates Kokes teamed up with the American Red Cross to sponsor Read more…