Coming Together for Better

macys #2
Author Christina Bertalot

What does it mean to “Live Better?” For some people, it may mean cutting back on calories (goodbye, Christmas cookies!) and getting a little more physical activity. To others it could mean working a little less and spending a little more time with loved ones. Or possibly cutting back on a bad habit that prevents us from being our best selves.

But for the immigrants and refugees from war-torn countries, the notion of Live Better has a far […]

The blog post that could have been.

Author Kevin Glenn

She did it.Hillary

And we did it.

With Tuesday’s historic vote, America fulfilled one of its original promises. Since the founding of the country, we’ve hoped to hold this truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Now, […]

How Well Do You Know This Place?

india - family 3
Author Anri Sugitani

“Where are you from?”

That’s a common question I dread being asked as I never know how to answer it. Do I say where I was born, or my two nationalities? Or should I mention all of the places I’ve lived?

Due to my dad’s job,  <a class=[…]

The end is just the beginning.

Wild Flowers Shortly After Sunset on Mt. St. Helens
Author Jeanie Coates

mt_st_helens_anniversary_photoThe ash kept falling like snow, but it just wouldn’t melt. Citizens roamed the streets, their anxious faces dressed in unfamiliar surgical masks to protect their lungs. Nervous cars hid in their garages fearful of clogged air filters. It seemed
Portland, my beloved hometown, would be forever lost […]

What Country Music Has to Do with Advertising

Author Shelby Oppel Wood

Growing up in North Carolina, I don’t remember listening to much country music. Now that I live on the opposite coast, I can’t get enough of it.

That’s partly because, as much as I love Portland and the Northwest, I miss the touchstones of home: Southern accents, properly-fried okra, four distinct seasons (as opposed to our two: The Rainy Season and Summer).

But country music has a stronger grip on me these days because it […]

Fear and trepidation on the slopes of life

Author Steve Kokes

My son Cameron came home last night for a visit from college.  Catching up with him reminded me of our trip about a month back for spring break.  The two of us and my wife Madeline headed to Utah and hit the slopes.  In these last years of our kids growing up and leaving the nest, we’ve come to treat spring break as a sacrosanct opportunity to do something memorable with them.  Last year Cam and I […]