Helping Oregon Tackle the Next Frontier of Smokefree Spaces

The smokefree workplace law has been in effect for over a year.  Oregonians can no longer smoke in restaurants, bars or bingo halls. Can you smell the fresh air?  With that law in place, the State’s Tobacco Prevention and Education program is looking to tackle the next frontier of smokefree spaces—multi-family dwellings, also known as apartment complexes.  To help tenants and Oregonians learn about the new law Coates Kokes concentrated our media planning […]

Coates Kokes brands the country

Portland Metropolitan Association of Building Owners and Managers (BOMA)’s Carbon4Square challenge – the first of its kind in the country – has recruited 85 office buildings totaling over 14 million square feet to assess and improve environmental performance within their operations.  Representing over 20 percent of the entire Portland metropolitan market, from downtown to […]

Writer and Director Commentary for “Garage”

Karl Schroeder (writer) and Sam Leinen (director/editor) talk about some of the postproduction that went into the deceptively simple spot produced in-house by Coates Kokes for Metro's Recycling Hotline.

Recycling Hotline TV Airs Today

Here’s the results of the latest in-house production from Coates Kokes for Metro’s Recycling Hotline. Spring cleaning time! If you live in the area, have stuff you want to recycle but aren’t sure where, how or if it is even recyclable, call the number.

Great job to everyone including Jay who had to drive to every corner of our fine city, in a U-Haul, […]

Portland Plan Phase TWO

The call for community input is going out for Phase TWO of Portland's 25-year plan. This set of workshops will focus on setting direction — identifying Portland's goals and choosing targets that will help us meet them. Check the St. John's Review today, the ad's in there.

Ad League Adventures

This week's bowling in Ad League was quite an exciting one! Our final game of the night ended in a combined team score of 1100, and Heather bowled a new lifetime high of 200. Please excuse the photo quality—the photographer was (understandably) excited!