If someone told me in 1985…

Lindsay Frank

I have had the same employer for more than 33 years. (Crazy, right?) I feel like I have to phrase that really carefully. I can’t say I’ve worked at Coates Kokes that long (I’ve been through 3 name changes). I can’t say I’ve worked at the same place (5 different offices). And I can’t say I’ve had the same job. I’ve had…well, I don’t know how many jobs/ Read more…

A brand baby

Briana Romancier

As a designer/brand manager, one of the greatest privileges of my job is learning. To make an ad, you have to understand the customer. To make an infographic, you have to understand the process. To open a 5-star luxury lodge on the Oregon coast, you have to understand a lot more than business cards. It’s a learning process.

I like to think of every brand as a person. This helps me understand its nuances, what it Read more…

Move-in Day #tbt

Kellie O'Rourke

This spring marks three years living in my 150-square-foot apartment in Northwest Portland. While I could go on about how living at my means, reducing my carbon footprint, and generally adopting the minimalist lifestyle of every aesthetic blogger’s dreams, let’s be honest with each other – tiny living is really hard.

Behind the scenes of my own Tiny House Nation, I’ve suffered through enjoyed the continual process of evaluating Read more…

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Jeanie Coates

It’s been cold out these days. “Coat weather” as they say. Each morning before I head to work, I look in my closet and try to decide which coat to wear. Do I go with the soft fluffy cream or fleece-collared gray? Or is it the trench coat, the pea coat or one of my down-filled jackets in tangerine, sandstone or snowflake? Oh, but it might rain. Maybe the blue plaid, the belted black or the poly-tech Read more…

Getting to work. An exercise in living better.

Tim Jacks

Not quite ready for my closeup.

Chapin Hemmingway

In 2016, Coates Kokes helped the Oregon Health Authority launch a marijuana youth prevention campaign.  The research indicated teens wished to hear from adults who had used marijuana in the past.  We conceived of a video to test in focus groups that featured a former pot smoker who questioned his marijuana use as a teenager.

I offered to take on the role of our fictional pothead.   Read more…