As recycling and disposal goes, when it doubt, call 503-234-3000. Or at least that’s the action Metro is after from the Portland area’s businesses and residents.

Living, breathing and knowledgeable staffers answer calls Monday-Saturday 8:30-5:00. What might one call about? Anything related to recycling or disposing of hazardous waste, construction materials, electronics, yard debris, and much more. Additionally callers can get answers about alternatives to toxic household products, natural gardening, reducing junk mail and other tips. In other words, it’s a seriously robust resource.

So the folks at Metro Recycling have tapped us again, this time to boost awareness and usage of the hotline. In the coming months, we’ll be developing traditional and social media (maybe even a smart phone app) to get the word out and encourage calls. For a look at some of our previous Metro Recycling pieces, see below.