Lauren Caster

At Coates Kokes, we’re passionate about sustainability. We also love to embrace the spirit and culture that is Portland, so the decision to participate in Go Box was a no brainer! What is Go Box you ask? It’s a sustainable way to take advantage of Portland’s downtown food scene. Participants are given tokens which are exchanged for a reusable container at food carts and restaurants. Empty containers are then returned to Go Box drop off locations for new tokens. Lucky for us, one of our clients, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is a corporate partner and just a short elevator ride away leaving us with no excuse not to use Go Box!

Our office is nestled comfortably between the SW 5th and Stark food carts the SW 10th and Alder pod. The Go Box lunchtime opportunities seem endless, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few of our faves! If you’re in the neighborhood, fill up your Go Box and join us for lunch in the CK kitchen!

1. The Cultured Caveman – 3rd and Washington
This Paleo-friendly cart has a healthy option for everyone from vegans to carnivores.
2. Veli Thai – 5th and Stark
If you’re looking for a hearty, authentic Thai meal with lots of bright veggies, this is for you!
3. Saffron Indian Kitchen – 10th and Alder
This cart has a small menu of Indian dishes, but what it lacks in variety it makes in flavor.
4. Guero – 10th and AlderIMG_7456
Another healthy option, we love the Diego salad with pulled pork!
5. 808 Grinds – 10th and Alder
There is always a line for this authentic Hawaiian food, but it’s well worth the wait.
6. Chez Dodo – 5th and Stark
Ever tried Mauritian food? It’s a blend of African, Indian, French and Chinese so there’s something for everyone!
7. Spoons on 5th – 5th and Stark
Stop by for a hearty bowl of soup or a refreshing summer salad.
8. Pizzacato – 705 SW Alder
A Portland staple! Fill your Go Box with a slice and a side salad for a satisfying lunch.
9. Noodle House – 10th and AlderIMG_7666
This cart features several varieties of handmade noodles.
10. Juniper – 3rd and Washington
This cart features a seasonal menu of locally sourced, vegan fare. Sounds good to us!