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    Stay True to You

    Much about the long term effects of marijuana use is still unclear but most of us can point to someone in our lives, maybe even ourselves, who regrets their past marijuana use. For the Stay True to You marijuana prevention campaign, we filmed testimonials of real young adults telling their real stories of opportunities missed, plans delayed and efforts sabotaged by heavy marijuana use. “Just Say No” didn’t work in the 80s and we knew it wouldn’t work with today’s young Oregonians. So we didn’t rely on easily disproved scare tactics. Instead, we sought to tell the true story of the possible negative effects of underage marijuana use. Those testimonials are just one aspect of a robust campaign that an independent evaluation found has successfully held the line against a massive increase in pro-marijuana advertising.

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    The Oregon Community Foundation

    The Foundation hired Coates Kokes to help make them more accessible to the younger, not-so-blue-blooded next generation of Oregon philanthropists. Using donor stories supported by rich photography, we created a heart-warming, inspiring campaign customized to engage donors in individual geographic regions across the state. Our media team negotiated space in leading magazines at half the normal price, maximizing the client’s reach. In the end we helped OCF cross the billion-dollar mark in managed assets and significantly broadened the number of fund owners.

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    City of Portland

    Portland Plan

    As the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability embarked on the development of a once-in-25-year plan for its future, it enlisted Coates Kokes to elevate public involvement. In order to heighten and broaden participation, our message needed to break the mold of typically dry City communications. Break through it did, in big part due to the use of “Granny Franny,” our highly unexpected approach to soliciting audience engagement from a broad range of constituents. Campaign elements included direct mail, Facebook, Twitter, news coverage and a microsite.

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    Oregon Health Authority

    Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

    We employ behavior change and social norming strategies to help the State promote health and prevent chronic disease. Chief among those responsibilities was our original work to fight the influences of tobacco in our communities. Based on our success, the State has expanded our role to address other conditions including arthritis, colorectal cancer and obesity. In addition to our earlier paid media efforts, our role now includes earned and social media responsibilities. Influenced by these programs, Oregonians are now on their way to living better.