Strategic Development

It all starts here. Strategy sets the course for communications. Think of it as a rudder in the water; aim it the wrong direction and you’ll soon be off course. Soon thereafter, sunk. Strategies can take time to develop, but they’re a critically important investment that yields dividends down the road/river. A strong strategy is the navigation tool that will keep your brand, and maybe even your organization, firmly on course. When you get the strategy down right, we’re not saying everything that follows will be easy, but it definitely won’t be nearly as hard.

+ Strategic development services we offer: Account planning, quantitative and qualitative research, brand positioning, marketing plan development, ROI tracking.

Paid Media

Paid media development takes shape in the creative department while media delivery finds its form in the media department. With any given assignment the two departments meet to share ideas about how and where the story will be told. It’s like an insider handshake between departments; both hands, ambidextrous.

We have smart talented workers in our creative and media departments. Moreover, we believe outfitting them with powerful resources and tools grows their abilities exponentially. In our creative department a full-on photography and video production suite complements our traditional design studio. Using a broad range of media research resources, our media department is able to make potent media mix recommendations while the substantial dollar volume of our buys gives us tremendous leverage when negotiating media costs. We understand our clients’ expectation of accountability and our digital resources make that need easier to fulfill.

+ Paid media services we offer: Television, radio, print, out-of-home, on-line.

Earned Media

If ever there was a place where audiences are eagerly engaged, it’s in the form of news, articles and events. From helping you develop moving stories and appealing functions that put your brand in the now to managing media and the flow of information, our public relations team generates invaluable results in the form of exposure, brand relevance and consumer engagement. Our long-standing relationship with reporters, writers and editors is one of the key ingredients in our success. We respect them; they respect us. Our clients win.

+ Earned media services we offer: Media relations, pay-to-play, event planning, media training, crisis communications

Owned Media

There once was a time when the list of owned media was short and predictable: Identity packages, collateral, tchotchkes…that’s was pretty much it. But since the advent of the digital world, the opportunities for owned media have exploded. Today’s consumers spend hours upon hours glued to their computer screens each day. With this in mind, we help our clients take full advantage of this phenomenon by creating unique and engaging digital content that consumers intentionally seek out. (Talk about a marketer’s dream…) Given that, the importance of managing these assets actively and strategically has become a business imperative, and one we’re successful at helping our clients address.

+ Owned media services we offer: Websites, microsites, multiple social media platforms.

Found and Leveraged Media

Utilizing found and leveraged media is a case of identifying opportunistic situations with like-minded partners and then piggy-backing on their efforts to reach audiences and followings already present in the market. By leveraging the voices of third-party platforms that reach audiences overlapping with those of our clients, we add impact to our clients’ messages and worthiness to their agendas. Many of the skills we use in the development of owned media apply here, and when used strategically lead to partnerships, opportunity and ultimately community for our clients.

+ Found and leveraged media services we offer: Opportunity identification, partnership development, social media platform utilization, blogging.

Long arms.

Coates Kokes is proud to be the exclusive Oregon member of the MAGNET Marketing and Advertising Global Network. Via our affiliates, we are able to reach across North America and around the world to help our clients wherever a need arises.